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IVSLA International School on Nanoscale Optical Microscopy

6 - 9 June 2017, Venice, Italy


The objective of this School is to advance the field of nanoscale optical microscopy operating at the scale of nanometres to tens of nanometres, through the exchange of information, ideas, and innovative techniques. The understanding of methods and techniques has the great potential of allowing, in the near future, for the design and performance of new exciting experiments in Biophysics, Optics and Photonics.

Lessons will be held in the magnificent Palazzo Franchetti, Venice.

Confirmed Faculty

  • Suzie Scarlata
  • Joerg Enderlein
  • Francesca Cella Zanacchi
  • Petra Schwille
  • Colin JR Sheppard
  • Pietro Ferraro
  • Paolo Bianchini
  • Giuseppe Vicidomini
  • Cristina Flors
  • Pier Alberto Benedetti
  • Tullio Pozzan
  • Ranieri Bizzarri
  • Alberto Diaspro
  • Cristiano Viappiani
  • Gail Mc Connell
  • Iva Tolic
  • Luca Lanzanò
  • Peter Saggau


We have only 35 seats with lodging plus 10 without.
(IIT-SIOF-SIBPA vs. others) including lodging


Without lodging


Registrations and Payments

Registrations and Payments will be done through the SIOF website  (italian branch of http://www.myeos.org)

Current acceptance criterium: first in first out.

Email for booking your seat to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mandatory subject: "YOURSURNAME-VENICE2017-FOM"


Tuesday 6th June, 2017

Wednesday 6th June, 2017

Thursday 8th June, 2017

Friday 9th June, 2017


We would like to thank our partners for their continued support.

To enquire about becoming a partner please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information about Istituto Veneto please visit their site here.


IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-009
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-010
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-011
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-012
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-013
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IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-015
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-016
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-017
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-018
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-019
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-020
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IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-023
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-024
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-025
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IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-033
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IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-039
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-040
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-041
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-042
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-043
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-044
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-045
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-046
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-047
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-048
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-049
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-050
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-051
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-052
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-053
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-054
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-055
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-056
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-057
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-058
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-059
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-060
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-061
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-062
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-063
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-064
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-065
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-066
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-067
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-068
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-069
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-070
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-071
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-072
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-073
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-074
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-075
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-076
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-077
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-078
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-079
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-080
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-081
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-082
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-083
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-084
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-085
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-086
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-087
IVSLA2017 P.Bianchini2017IIT-088
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